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Yingkou Branch of Liaoning Normal University was founded in September 2004.  Over the years, the branch has developed vigorously under the leadership of Yingkou Vocational And Technical College and Liaoning Normal University and through the joint efforts of all the teachers and students. I t has trained qualified teachers for basic education in Liaoning province and a large number of talents for the local economic construction and social development.

At present, the branch has two undergraduate programs including primary school education (four-year) and special education (two-year), with a total of more than 200 students at school. The branch bases on subject characteristics as the guide, the teacher team construction as the focus, and the curriculum construction ideas as the direction of running school. We are seriously implementing the talent training scheme and teaching plan of Liaoning Normal University, committing to the modern teacher education and concentrating on the power of development. Therefore we have accumulated rich experience in learning and teaching and our teaching strength has significantly enhanced.

Except strengthening discipline construction, curriculum construction and the construction of teaching style, we also pay attention to students' vocational skills training, the cultivation of humanistic spirit and scientific literacy. We adhere to the school motto of " great virtue and devoted to study, being models to others " to shape the high grade campus culture. We emphasize cultivating students' innovation spirit, practice ability, and pioneering abilities and set up 10 education practice base in order to improve students' vocational skills and enterprising capabilities.

Since its inception more than 40 students have been admitted as graduates by many universities such as the East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Foreign languages University and Northeast University of Finance and Economics. Part of the students are hired by city education bureau in Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Yingkou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and others,  becoming public teachers; many students are active in the education front in Liaoning province and even in China and become backbones; lots of students have won awards in various  skills competitions at the national, provincial, and municipal levels. The students have won many awards in the college sports games and various campus cultural activities; our teaching team has been rated advanced group by the college for many years.

Over the years we have kept adhering to the fine tradition of normal education, advancing with the times and cast brilliant performance thanks to the unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit by teachers of generations. As pursuing and pioneering never end, we will create new brilliance from the new starting point, at the new level, with a new attitude and showing new style.