Elementary Education School

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The branch undertakes five-year college at the starting point of junior high school, Aopeng remote education, adult higher vocational education, applied undergraduate education and part of the Central Open University for open education and teaching management. It currently has a staff of 25 people, including 9 teachers with deputy-senior or above professional titles, 12 with intermediate professional titles and 9 double-typed teachers. In recent years we devote ourselves to the daily teaching work and scientific research, and have achieved abundant results such as 12 items won awards at or above city-level. Moreover, 8 pieces of teaching materials have been compiled and more than 40 academic papers published, among them 13 papers won awards at or above the province level. Our faculty is powerful.

The branch has altogether 6 specialize fields at the starting point of junior high school for the five-year college including mechanical and electrical integration, construction engineering technology, logistics management, computer application technology, electrical automation technology and animation design. The students will accept two years of secondary vocational education in the basic education branch, and then moving up to the various departments in higher vocational college to complete the five-year college study. In order to ensure the quality of learning and teaching, we have drawn up various professional teaching plans, and made a detailed plan and arrangement about students' training target, training specifications, professional scope, knowledge, ability, quality requirements and so on. We also formulate the general courses, professional courses, professional ability, extended and practice curriculum and the professional core courses.