Continuing Education School

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The Continuing Education School is the functional branch for adult higher education within Yngkou Vocational and Technical College. It has it’s own system regarding adult college education as the main body, complementing undergraduate correspondence and social skills training. Running forms include amateur and correspondence. There are two education levels: college diploma for high school students as the starting point and undergraduate courses for the college graduates. The schooling is two and a half years. The school has opened 18 professional subjects for the high school students including computer application technology, computerized accounting, legal affairs, numerical control technology, electromechanical integration technology, electrical automation technology, financial management and practice, international economy and trade, property management, logistics management, network system management, business management, e-commerce, economic management, Chinese language and literature, computer art design, costume design, and construction engineering. And provides nearly 40 majors covering  undergraduate courses, such as science and technology, literary history, education, economy, law, arts and management and so on. It is jointly organized by  Liaoning university, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Liaoning Engineering Technology University, Liaoning Petroleum and Chemical University, Anshan Normal University and other institutions concerning  undergraduate correspondence education courses for the adults.

Students will get adult higher education diploma issued by the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China which is under the supervision of online registration and sealed by Liaoning education department if they meet the demand

School gears to the needs of the market and operates education openly. In addition to the regular degree education, it is also the training base appointed by the municipal personnel bureau, municipal labour and social security bureau, and labour and employment administration bureau to undertake various kinds of social education including skill training, on-the-job training, re-employment training, qualification examination training for the institution workers, etc.