General Education Normal School

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In General Education Normal School of Yingkou Vocational and Technical College, there are 1205 students, 52 full-time teachers including 7 people with senior professional titles, 17 people with deputy-senior professional titles, 7 people having already obtained a master's degree and 13 people being on-the-job graduate students. We pay attention to students' overall quality to satisfy the needs of the elementary education reform and development in the new century. According to market demand, we adjust the course plan, such as shortening the time of theory course, strengthening practice teaching and enriching the content and form of education practice to realize the innovation of education practice. Now we take preschool education as professional pilot and adjust the five-year pattern into 3.5 + 1.5, a three-year pattern into 2 + 1, namely, the students study in school for three and a half years for the five-year college and in school for two years for the three-year college. We make all kinds of internship complementary in order to improve students' practical ability. Our teachers actively engage in learning and teaching reform and innovation, and constantly writing teaching materials to apply to the teaching practice, which has played a positive role in promoting teaching abilities. In the resent five years,  more than 50 items have been presided  by the professional teachers at various levels of the scientific research topic, 32 materials and monographs and more than 100 papers have been published  at different levels including 20 in national core periodicals. Through resource integration, reconstruction and expansion, the professional simulation training center for the preschool education is established, including sensory integration, Montessori, kindergarten curriculum design, and so on. We actively strengthen cooperation with off-campus practice base, having established stable and deep relations with more than 30 kindergartens, held a grand opening ceremony and formally signed the education internship agreement. The practice bases  not only locate in Yingkou region and the surrounding cities, but also including Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai and other regions of the preschool education brand agency. At the same time to meet the needs of social development, we set up the psychological consultant, public nutritionists, and Montessori training courses for the students, and established collaboration with Shanghai Normal University about primary school education for undergraduate study, which enable the students to advance into the study. In addition, we provide students with upgrading opportunities from college to university and widen the channels of employment. In recent years, the employment rate especially the majors from preschool  education is quite high.

We  adhere to the briefs of "innovative education, cultivating  models, market oriented and serving society" , attach importance to students' lifelong development  and make every effort to promote the innovation in education, deepen teaching reform and improve the teaching quality of education, contributing to promote the development of local education and provide professional and  interdisciplinary talents to our country.