Liaoning Special Education Normal School

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Liaoning Special Education Normal School was founded in 1986 and started to set up special education majors such as blind education, deaf education, retarded education etc. In 2000, the school was unified into Yingkou Vocational and Technical College, setting up special education branch, but retain the name "Liaoning Normal School For Special Education".

The school is at college level, including two starting point levels such as a three-year high school and five-year junior high school. There are 925 students on campus. The existing three major specialities are special education, rehabilitation and children rehabilitation. The   special education comprises sign language interpreters, pre-school education, English education, art education and other professional directions. The relevant future work includes teaching in special education schools, in the ordinary primary and secondary schools; rehabilitation training work for all kinds of disabled persons, special education and sensory integration training work in kindergartens.

There are 85 full-time teachers, including 12 professors and 32 associate professors which is an excellent teaching team of reasonable structure of ages, degrees and professional titles. Over the past years, the school has fostered more than 5000 qualified talents in special education throughout all the cities in Liaoning province and other 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country. Most of they have become backbones in special education field and some students have become leaders around the education teaching and management, making great contribution to the special education career.

In 2008, the special education specialty was named provincial demonstration.

In 2013, the school got the national construction project (phase ii), (the national ministry of education, the national development and reform commission, disabled persons' federation)  funding RMB 50 million, 40 million for infrastructure and10 million for equipment,.

In April 2014, the special education major obtained the demonstration project entitled "provincial vocational education  project for Liaoning  docking industry cluster " with province special funds of 700000 yuan.

Regarding scientific research, over 20 textbooks and monographs and more than 400 papers have been published;  3 national scientific research items, 24provincial and more than 30 items of college subject have been presided.  All of that provides a strong theoretical and practical basis for the construction and development of special education.