Chinese Language and Literature Department

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The department has a history of more than 50 years.

There are 5 professional fields including Chinese education, tourism management, hotel management, radio and television editorial and production and secretary. We regard the middle-aged and young teachers as the main body and have a high quality teachers' team with more reasonable structure of professional titles. There are 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 4lecturers and 3 assistants,  9 of them has a master’s degree.

 There are eight training rooms such as the Chinese and western food service, guest room and tearooms. There are also lots of professional production, study and research practice bases  represented by Yingkou Jintaiyue seaview hotel co., Yingkou Xiongyue  Tianmu hot spring resort co., Yingkou branch of Liaoning Jiuzhou international travel holiday service, Yngkou branch of Hongkong China travel service company, Yingkou broadcast television, Yingkou daily, Yingkou Jiankang primary school and Yingkou Leifeng primary school, etc.

Through learning and examination, students are able to get some certificates in addition to the college diploma such as mandarin, English, computer level certificate, teacher qualification certificate,  secretary certificate and speedy note intellectual certificate. They can also learn by amateur to get undergraduate certificate and a corresponding degree and can take part in the province exam of upgrading from college to university to study in other universities

For nearly 10 years the department has been constructing theoretical and practical teaching system, taking ability training as the center, the market demand as the guide and emphasizing reform and innovation. The professional students have implemented work-integrated learning and acquired reform achievements of talent training mode in the field work in the past six consecutive years. The department has trained a large number of intermediate skilled talents for the education of primary and secondary schools, the news media, tourism, hotel management, and modern service industry. The students' employment rate is more than 99% every year. For Yingkou city and even the economic development of coastal economic development zone, we have cultivated sufficient human resources and strong intellectual support and have realized the goal that local colleges play significant roles in the local economy.