Foreign Language Department

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Foreign language department has a strong and good quality teaching staff expert in the learning and teaching, undertaking the English teaching tasks for English majors and other departments. In addition, it is the only centre for national English level test in Yingkou district. We provide two specialized fields relating English education and English business at the college level and English courses of distance education by the national Open University at the undergraduate level. There are 26 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and13 associate professors. 9 people have got a master’s degree, 1 foreign teacher, and 5 teachers have abroad experiences. In the recent 3 years, teachers in foreign language department have presided 30 scientific research subjects at the college, province and country levels. 45 monographs and textbooks have been issued and more than 150 papers have been published in academic journals at or above provincial levels.

The department is equipped with advanced teaching equipments, such as plenty of language labs, autonomous learning labs, English radio transmitters and other modern multimedia facilities. We are dedicated to learning and teaching reform, focusing on students' future development and improving the students' overall quality and ability to satisfy the needs of education reform and social development in the new century with our continuous efforts!

We adhere to the "open, comprehensive, harmonious, and advancing" concept, promote the truth-seeking, pragmatic and pioneering spirit, attach great importance to the basic teaching, and strive to cultivate students' comprehensive language application ability and cultural accomplishment. We also carry out a variety of extra curricular activities. At the annual national English competitions for college students, vocational skills and oral English contests, the students selected by our department  all have got good grades.