Arts Department

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1)    Introduction

 Established in July 2001, the department consisted of 4 majors  including computer art design, computer art and design (interior design ), fashion design and textile decoration art design, currently with 204 students in school and  2 teaching and research sections of clothing textile and computer art design

2)    The training goal

Computer art design

By means of computer technology,  the students are trained to engage in computer art design related advertising design, packaging design, book binding design, environmental art design, decoration design, web design, etc, and become a new generation of art and design workers with good aesthetic sentiment,  new design concepts and high artistic accomplishments.

Computer art and design (interior design)

The department emphasizes cultivating morally, intellectually and physically  all-round developed talents with good professional quality to meet social needs. The students are trained to engage in interior design including the production of rendering, decoration construction supervision and applied technology with software application skills and become applied management and skilled application service talents, and can turn into generalists in interior design industry related to furniture design, display design and soft adornment design.

Fashion design

The students are cultivated to become high-skilled applied talents to engage in the clothing design, production, management and technical guidance works.

Textile decoration art design

The learners are cultivated to become high-quality skilled talents and able to engage in textile design and textile decoration design mastering the art of textile design,  creative and other basic knowledge and  skills, and  the high art level and innovation design ability,  .

3)    Training room construction

The department has set up professional computer room, clothing technology CAD training room and apparel draping labs, etc., adopts project mode for practice teaching, and improves students' ability in actual design, so as to adapt to the modern economic development demand for art design talents.

4)    The arts department promoting the teaching reform

Since its inception and according to the overall college policy, we keep learning from the domestic and overseas advanced art and educational thought and experience, combining with the need of economic and social development for art design talents. We go all out to cultivate applied, compound and innovative talents and constantly explore and summarize reform and innovation of learning and teaching, such as education policy, teaching mode, personnel training target, teaching plan and teaching management methods.

()  Using domestic and foreign advanced ideas of education and experience, we set up advanced and applicable cultivation models

1 Optimize curriculum structure, highlight the innovative thinking and strengthen the students' application ability.

2 We adopt the "college + company + base" method of running school, and has become a national teaching base for national 1 + N compound talent training project. This method expands the teaching channel, strengthens the teaching practice, improves the students' practical ability,  trains students' concept of economic consciousness and at the same time also strengthens the market competition ability of the students.

()  Exploring the new mode and method to improve the quality of learning and teaching and research

1 We attach importance to academic exchanges. We emphasize communication among students, who are required to report their exhibition at the end of each course and  every semester, which has greatly enriched the academic atmosphere of the college.

2 We conduct academic research and strengthen construction of basic teaching material. In order to develop high quality applied creative talents, we require teachers to have higher academic level and strong teaching ability. We actively encourage teachers to track frontier disciplines, spare on efforts to carry out the academic exploration and apply the latest scientific research results to the classrooms.

5)    Student activities

We have organized a variety of student activities that greatly enriched the student's after school life and made the students get sufficient opportunity to show their personal talents.