Economic Management Department

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Founded in 1983, the  economic management department now opens five majors including logistics management, computerized accounting, economic information management, international trade practice, customs declaration and international freight five higher vocational college students  and three open education in TV university such as business management, finance and  accounting for  undergraduates. The full-time and part-time teachers in the department of economic management all respect their career and love their jobs, they are academic front-runners and occupy profound professional knowledge. There are 20 full-time teachers including 2 professors, 9 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 2 associates,  1 senior accountant and 4senior international logistics people, among them, 11 people have received a master's degree and19 people are double quality teachers. There are five teaching and research sections, two laboratories and five off-campus practice base. 4 college-level courses have been completed, 5 monographs, 8 textbooks and 98 papers (including 26 core journal articles) have been published. 35 articles have won scientific research awards, including 2 provincial (ministry) level,  emerging a large number of teaching and scientific research achievements.

For many years, the department of economic management actively keeps exploring the reform of teaching mode, strengthening the education quality and attaching great importance to the professional practice ability training, in order to improve the quality of talent training and bring up  a large number of high-quality and complex talents for the society.

All the  staff  in the  economic management  department is adhering to the principle of  "practical, innovation" as the core content of educational philosophy, and will dedicate to the future with full enthusiasm, confidence and courage to climb to a new higher starting point.