Information Engineering Department

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The department of information engineering is mainly engaged in computer teaching and has accumulated wealthy experience in profession and scientific research work after 30 years of running.

1)        Professional introduction

Information technology is the emerging industry, and is also the fastest growing industry in recent decades. In order to adapt to the needs of the society, on the one hand, we enhance the professional course system and content, on the other hand we explore new professionals. Presently there are 3 majors including computer application technology (Internet mobile applications), animation design and production and e-commerce.

2)        The teachers team

There are 15 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 7 people with a master's degree and 2 people with both master certificate and degree.  Now it has formed high quality teaching staff with reasonable structure of age, educational background and professional title.

3 Practice

We have 14 computer labs with more than 600 microcomputers for students to use; also  the network laboratory, sensor laboratory, single-chip computer labs, etc.

4)        Teaching and research

 More than 40 papers have been published at the national and provincial journals in the past three years, and also 11 textbooks. We have presided 10 research items at the provincial and national levels and won more than30 teaching awards at various levels.

Information Engineering Department is developing quickly and our goal it to cultivate a new generation of information people. We will devote ourselves to our career and invite you to join us to realize our common dream, all the way forward.