Electrical and Electronics Department

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Electrical and Electronics Department, formerly known as electronics, is one of the built teaching units of Yingkou Vocational and Technical College. All the staff seize opportunities, work hard and form the co-prosperity between teachers and students gradually. The strengthening innovation, outstanding practice of wind, teaching and learning, school running level and education levels have been promoted significantly under the leadership of the department.

While electrical and electronic industry is the pillar industry of the national economy in our country, local governments at all levels have attached great importance to the development of electric and electronic industries. Advantaged industry background and employment environment have injected new vitality to the industry with more than 30 years' history and teaching experience. We always adhere to the school road of  "relying on industry, study combined with production ", and mainly train the urgent needed and highly qualified technical personnel concerning production management, product quality inspection and product after-sales service personnel, etc.. 

 There are 16 teachers in the department, including 4 teachers with senior professional titles, 7 with deputy-senior titles, 5 lecturers, more than 10 people have masters’ degrees and has gradually formed a strong teaching staff with rich experience in teaching and scientific research. The proportion of "double type" teachers has reached 100%. We edited and published nine books of higher vocational teaching planning material and 5 school-based teaching materials. We have completed 10 items of research projects at the provincial level, 9 college subjects, 14 filing patents, 2 enterprise topics and over 100 papers have been published. We have won 1 item of the second award for Liaoning province teaching achievement, 16 awards at the provincial level, and 7 at the city-level. Now the main majors involve the application of electronic technology, power supply technology, electrical automation, and electrical appliances. The application of electronic technology specialty is considered as the provincial level demonstration and electrical automation specialty is for college key construction. The two curricula PLC application technology and single-chip microcomputer principle and control technology was named provincial excellent courses.

The courses are carried out in the school and off-campus practice base in order to train students' practical skills and to achieve zero distance between graduation and employment.  The department has 20 professional experiment training room, and can satisfy various needs of experiments and practice teaching.  It lays solid foundation for training high skilled talents. At the same time, we actively explore the "work-integrated learning" cultivation mode, and have established more than a dozen well-known external field bases to get tripartite win-win effect among  enterprises, schools and students.

Through learning in the department, students can pass the intermediate maintenance electrician certificate, senior maintenance electrician certificate, certificate of computer aided design, electronic assembling, such as information processors, English level 4 and computer national secondary certificate, etc. In recent years, the graduate employment rates keeps higher than 90%, of which the job suited employment rate is 80%.  Some majors even face the situation that graduate demand exceeds the supply.

Our graduates are very competitive and the first employment rate is  above 98% . Graduates are mainly distributed in the power industry in Liaoning province units, such as state-owned enterprises, large and small and medium-sized private enterprises, and are well received by the employer. Furthermore during the period of school, students can take an examination of undergraduate course in Liaoning Petroleum and Chemical Application University and can get the college diploma and bachelor's degree simultaneously when they graduate from our college.