Architecture and Civil Engineering Department

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Architecture and Civil Engineering Department of Yingkou Vocational and Technical College was founded in 1982. During more than 30 years of development, the department adheres to the principles of the "quality as a fundamental and cultivating talents for the purpose of serving the local economy development". It strengthens the education teaching reform and has achieved fruitful teaching results with deep accumulation known as the "cradle of talents in construction in Yingkou district".

1) Professional introduction

According to the needs of economic and social development, it presently is equipped with four majors, such as construction technology, construction cost, real estate management and appraisal, road and bridge engineering, covering the design, construction and building industry, management and other fields, forming  the professional structure of compatible “ science and liberal arts". In 2011, the construction engineering technology specialty was identified as "province demonstration" concerning  joint industry.

2) The teachers’ team

We strengthen the construction of teaching staff "mentoring" and combine full time and part time  teaching team. There are 23  teachers, including 17 full-time teachers with 2 professors, 7 associate professors and senior engineers And 12 teachers have received master’s degree, 8 people have got national certified qualifications  and15 are double-typed teachers. In 2009, the department won the "excellent teaching team in Liaoning province"; in 2014, Lai Ling won " vocational education leader in  Liaoning province ".

3) Practice

The department concentrates on improving the school training base level. In 2012, with the central special financial support, the department constructed engineering training center and on the basis of "advanced, practical, open, innovative and  practical" principle, the training center integrates multi-function. It embodies 5 training center with the  construction area of 1800 square meters  with 16 training rooms and can accommodate 450 people for training and practice.

As paying great attendance to university-enterprise cooperation, we expand the off-campus teaching space. We have 15 stable off-campus practice bases, including Yingkou  first construction engineering company, Yingkou new design co. LTD., Yingkou urban construction supervision office, Yingkou city municipal company, Yingkou architectural design and research institute, etc. The cooperation include: professional practice, production practice, field work and project research and development, technical services, etc.

4) Scientific research and teaching reform

More than 50 papers have been published at the national and provincial journals in the past three years, and also 8 textbooks. We have presided 3 research items at the provincial level and 3 college-level excellent courses, and won more than10 teaching awards at various levels.

5) Employment and careers

Nearly three years, the number of students increases year by year, and nearly 1000 students are at school. In the last eight successive years the graduate employment rate has reached 100%, among them professional counterparts rate is 84.6%, more than 70% of graduates are recommended by the department.