Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department

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The mechanical and electrical engineering department was established in 1979. We have built an excellent teacher team, accumulated rich experience in learning and teaching and trained 6000 qualified graduates after more than 30 years of development and construction.

Introduction of teachers: The instructor faculty are composed of teachers of higher education background, strong professional quality and excellent comprehensive quality through open recruitment of highly educated, highly skilled and professional teachers. There are 25 full-time teachers, including 2 teachers enjoying Special Government Allowances, 2 teachers won the titles of Yingkou Natural Science Academic Leaders and15 teachers with senior or deputy-senior professional titles (including 5 people being professors and professor-level engineers), accounting for 60%. 15 people are the industry experts, accounting for 60%; 1 people has obtained doctor’s degree, 1people is doctoral candidate and 7 people have got master’s degree. We have won 17 patents, written 13 national and ministerial standards and 37 items of product development and technical innovation. There is 1 province-level and 3 college-level excellent courses. 8 textbooks have been issued and over 100 papers published in journals at or above the provincial level. We were awarded province-level teaching team for the machinery manufacturing major by education department of Liaoning province in 2008.  

The professional courses: It includes “digital control technology" (province-level course), “the mechanical manufacturing and automation” (college key course), “the mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management”, “automobile maintenance and testing technology”, and new major "mechanical manufacturing and automation" (robot application technology) was added in 2015.

The school practice base: The department is equipped with advanced multi-functional training center. We built creative campus practice base for students to provide them with the first-class digital control maintenance training area at the province level through the provincial financial fund in 2011. In addition we have set up six main functional blocks through cooperating with German Keller vocational education institute to establish software application practice, production practice and intelligent processing unit area; with Guangzhou digital control equipment Co. Ltd to joint research and develop the design of the simulated machining center and digital control lathe practice area and so on. It contributes to integrating theory and practice teaching, special ability training and   professional qualification assessment for the students, etc.

Off-campus practice base: The department creates a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many local enterprises and public institutions, such as Liaoning Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Mahle Engine Components Co., Ltd., Yingkou Forging Press Co., Ltd., Yingkou Yinhe Magaluma Co., Ltd., Dali Auto  Service Equipment Co., Ltd., Yingkou Guangming Technology Co., Ltd., Yingkou Kanghui  Petrochemical Company, Yingkou Qingying Petrochemical Company, Zhongyiteda Automobile Service Equipment Co., Ltd., and so on. This kind of cooperation makes graduates meet the exact requirement of the employment positions by setting “order type” personnel cultivating plan and combining learning with industrial teaching. The deep corporation relationship of college, research centers and enterprises sets up a wide, deep and various forms of educating platforms.  Students may practise in the cooperative enterprises with pay. The rate of graduates employment is more than 98% at the end of each year.